Best Places to Stay on the Great Ocean Road in 2018

Best Places to Stay on the Great Ocean Road in 2018

Great Places to Stay on the Great Ocean Road

Many Australian vacationers love a good road trip. Luckily, one of the most scenic drives in the entire world stretches along the southern coast. It is called the Great Ocean Road, and there a lots of great places to visit and stay during your trip.

The overall length is around 400 kilometers, so, technically, you could see it all in one day. However, with so many beautiful sights, like the surf at Bells Beach and the limestone crags of 12 Apostles, you will want to take a few days, and that means you need to know where to stay on the Great Ocean Road.

Here are eight great places for you to take a look at, including a few awesome caravan parks.

Beach Front Cottages, Torquay

In Torquay, you can try comfy locations like the Beach Front Cottages, which are quite nice and affordable. They are private and close to the waterfront. That way you can start your journey early and fresh the next day with a night in Torquay.

Whitesbeach Guest House

For those who want a little more luxury, there is the beautiful Whitesbeach Guest House with striking architecture and great service. Their comfortable rooms are a great place to rest up for your coming adventure.

Port Campbell Holiday Beach Park

From there, you can hit the road, passing through many of the Australia’s most precious national parks. If you like to camp or set up your RV on a road trip, there are lots of great choices all along the way since they have so many great caravan parks in Victoria, like Port Campbell Holiday Beach Park. There, you can set your tent right up close to the water.

Cape Otway Camping

Cape Otway has beautiful spots for camping out on the cape itself. You are right inside the nature preserve. The views are fantastic. You will want to make a reservation, though, as these places can fill up fast during almost every season.

Sandridge Motel

The beaches in Lorne are some of the best along the south coast. The Sandridge Motel is affordable and very close to the ocean. The sound of the surf will coax you to sleep in these comfy rooms.

Casa Favilla

A little farther along there is a lot of cheap accommodation in Apollo Bay. Casa Favilla is a fun, colorful Apollo Bay bed and breakfast with great, affordable rooms. Since breakfast is included, that saves you time and money before you even start your day.

Seascape Apartment

For a little more luxury, there is the Seascape Apartment, a multi room house you can share with friends. It is perfect for a group of Apollo Bay backpackers out to cover a lot of ground, but still be comfortable in the evenings.

Chocolate Gannets Resort

Probably the best Great Ocean Road accommodation is in Apollo Bay. The Chocolate Gannets is an award-winning hotel with opulent rooms and panoramic views of the crystal blue ocean. Their sea villas have two bedrooms each, so they can be shared by families going on holiday together. They also have a spa, and most walk directly out onto the beautiful, white sand beaches. You could not displease anyone with a couple of days in this fantastic resort.

There are so many beautiful things to see if you drive the Great Ocean Road. Unique national parks, amazing beaches and surf, as well as some of the best, locally sourced food in all of Australia. There are also many great places to stay along the Great Ocean Road. With a little research and planning, you can make a wonderful holiday in this scenic gem rambling along the southern coast.

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