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5 Outdoor Activities in Brisbane that Double as Workouts

5 Outdoor Activities in Brisbane that Double as Workouts

We all know that workouts are not for everyone. We can all dread doing workouts and keeping up with staying fit, especially when you’re backpacking. Fret not, there are multiple Brisbane activities that can be double as a good workout session. They are super fun […]

How to Hire the Best Camper Trailer Rental Company in Australia

How to Hire the Best Camper Trailer Rental Company in Australia

Australia is an amazing country of its own kind. From extensive lush rolling hills to arid and adventures outback. As though that is not all, the country hosts endless beaches and rainforests that you can’t ignore. How then is the best way to explore all […]

4 Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling & Backpacking

4 Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling & Backpacking

Is it possible to stay fit while traveling & backpacking?

Everybody travels: be it for world domination, business, vacation, pleasure or epic pursuits, at one point in your life, you will have to depart from the comfort that you derive from your individual shire and visit another location.

Regardless of the kind of trip you intend to make, there is one thing that you can be completely sure of: your normal routine will be thrown out of the window when backpacking.

For instance:

  • If you are used to working out in a gym or weight loss retreat, you will suddenly lose access to all this high-tech equipment.
  • If you are used to enjoying a full 8 hours of sleep each night, then this may no longer be possible when backpacking.
  • If you normally run around your neighbourhood or estate each morning or evening, you will suddenly no longer have a familiar road or path to exercise on.
  • If you are used to preparing all your meals, you will no longer have access to a fridge or kitchen.

Human beings are creatures of habits, especially when working a normal day job. This is when they get to stick to a particular routine that helps them control what they eat, when they exercise, and even how long they get to sleep. But this is bound to change when traveling. So how do you go about losing weight while traveling? 

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Many travel experts will freely tell anyone looking for tips on how to stay fit while backpacking that maintaining a healthy diet is very important. Doctors believe that close to eighty percent of weight loss is dependent on diet, while the remaining twenty percent is influenced by a person’s physical activities. But the reality is, it can be very difficult for a person who is backpacking to maintain a proper and consistent diet. 

If you are staying at motels and hotels, there is a very big probability that you will not get an opportunity to cook your own food. Therefore, the most essential thing that you can do is to make sure that your body gets all the foods that it requires to fuel it. Try and look for menu items that have lots of vegetables and fruits. Such menus should be low on carbs and meat. These days, healthy and nutritious meals can be ordered in-air. On some airlines, you can now request for low calorie in-flight meal. 

2. Less Party, Less Alcohol

This is something most people already know: drinking alcohol isn’t very healthy for you. It affects the brain negatively. It affects your physique negatively. This doesn’t mean you should cut it off completely. If you really have to, drinking can be done occasionally, in moderation. 

Consuming alcohol with purpose, on a special occasion, not just for fun. Try to find a way to fit it into your schedule, once or twice a month, so that it allows you to stay sane. The top tips are 1) opting for the healthiest choices like wine or light beer 2) steering away from mixers 3) drinking lots of water 4) getting enough sleep. 

3. Walk More, Say Yes to Hikes

Find out what the locals do in their areas to stay in shape and get a great workout. Hiking is probably one of the top activities. It’s easy to find hiking trails in most cities you’ll be visiting. 

If hiking is way too intense for you, opting to ride a bike through a city and getting around the neighbourhood by foot. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to just walk, hike and bike. Anything that you will enjoy and that will get you moving. Go for it. For example, you can sign up to go for a yoga retreat or even a weight loss retreat that involves fun and sporty activities while locally exploring different places. 

BONUS: Top Hiking Trails In Australia By State

Northern Territory

  1. Larapinta Trail
  2. Kings Canyon
  3. Vuelta a Uluru


  1. Scenic Rim Trail
  2. Fraser Island Great Walk
  3. Cooloola Great Walk


  1. Bay of Fires Lodge Walk
  2. Cradle Mountain Huts Walk
  3. The Maria Island Walk

South Australia

  1. The Arkaba Walk
  2. Heysen Trail
  3. Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail


  1. Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk
  2. Wilderness Coast Walk
  3. Beerimpo Trail

New South Wales

  1. Mount Gower
  2. Rosewood Creek Circuit
  3. Coast Track

Western Australia

  1. Cape to Cape Track
  2. Bibbulmun Track
  3. Ancient Empire Walk, Valley of the Giants

Australian Capital Territory

  1. Canberra Centenary Trail
  2. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
  3. Namadgi National Park

4. Drink Plenty of Water

If you are looking for information on how to lose weight travelling, then this particular tip will be a no-brainer. You need to drink lots of water. Consuming a lot of water comes with very many health-related benefits. For those backpacking, drinking plenty of water makes it easier for one to develop a better and stronger immune system as well as get a great way to address jet lag.

It is also recommended that one does their best to avoid sodas and other sugary fruit drinks while traveling. If you are presented with numerous options, make sure to always choose soda water or water. It is common for many backpackers to drink out of taps when traveling in a bid to preserve money as well as ensure that they do not get to waste plastic.


Apart from maintaining a healthy diet and drinking lots of water, you should also ensure that your travel bag is equipped with fat burning essentials. A foot bag or hacky sag and a jump rope are two essential items that should be included in the traveling bag. If you remain focussed, it becomes easy for you to balance health and travel. Try to stay active, have fun, and be healthy at all times.


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Gigi is a freelance writer, currently writes for Weight Loss For Men Thailand, one of the best weight loss retreats in Thailand. In her spare time, she would like to splurge on her two favourite things: movies and books. She likes to travel whenever possible to stay inspired.

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Best Places to Stay on the Great Ocean Road in 2018

Best Places to Stay on the Great Ocean Road in 2018

Great Places to Stay on the Great Ocean Road

Many Australian vacationers love a good road trip. Luckily, one of the most scenic drives in the entire world stretches along the southern coast. It is called the Great Ocean Road, and there a lots of great places to visit and stay during your trip.

The overall length is around 400 kilometers, so, technically, you could see it all in one day. However, with so many beautiful sights, like the surf at Bells Beach and the limestone crags of 12 Apostles, you will want to take a few days, and that means you need to know where to stay on the Great Ocean Road.

Here are eight great places for you to take a look at, including a few awesome caravan parks.

Beach Front Cottages, Torquay

In Torquay, you can try comfy locations like the Beach Front Cottages, which are quite nice and affordable. They are private and close to the waterfront. That way you can start your journey early and fresh the next day with a night in Torquay.

Whitesbeach Guest House

For those who want a little more luxury, there is the beautiful Whitesbeach Guest House with striking architecture and great service. Their comfortable rooms are a great place to rest up for your coming adventure.

Port Campbell Holiday Beach Park

From there, you can hit the road, passing through many of the Australia’s most precious national parks. If you like to camp or set up your RV on a road trip, there are lots of great choices all along the way since they have so many great caravan parks in Victoria, like Port Campbell Holiday Beach Park. There, you can set your tent right up close to the water.

Cape Otway Camping

Cape Otway has beautiful spots for camping out on the cape itself. You are right inside the nature preserve. The views are fantastic. You will want to make a reservation, though, as these places can fill up fast during almost every season.

Sandridge Motel

The beaches in Lorne are some of the best along the south coast. The Sandridge Motel is affordable and very close to the ocean. The sound of the surf will coax you to sleep in these comfy rooms.

Casa Favilla

A little farther along there is a lot of cheap accommodation in Apollo Bay. Casa Favilla is a fun, colorful Apollo Bay bed and breakfast with great, affordable rooms. Since breakfast is included, that saves you time and money before you even start your day.

Seascape Apartment

For a little more luxury, there is the Seascape Apartment, a multi room house you can share with friends. It is perfect for a group of Apollo Bay backpackers out to cover a lot of ground, but still be comfortable in the evenings.

Chocolate Gannets Resort

Probably the best Great Ocean Road accommodation is in Apollo Bay. The Chocolate Gannets is an award-winning hotel with opulent rooms and panoramic views of the crystal blue ocean. Their sea villas have two bedrooms each, so they can be shared by families going on holiday together. They also have a spa, and most walk directly out onto the beautiful, white sand beaches. You could not displease anyone with a couple of days in this fantastic resort.

There are so many beautiful things to see if you drive the Great Ocean Road. Unique national parks, amazing beaches and surf, as well as some of the best, locally sourced food in all of Australia. There are also many great places to stay along the Great Ocean Road. With a little research and planning, you can make a wonderful holiday in this scenic gem rambling along the southern coast.

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Top Volunteering Opportunities in Brisbane & Gold Coast , Queensland

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Backpacking Tips | Know Your Rights When your Flight is Delayed

Backpacking Tips | Know Your Rights When your Flight is Delayed

Have you ever been caught up in this dilemma? You have packed up, got to the airport on time, waited for your flight only to be told that it has been delayed. While it could not be a big deal for some people, it could ruin all holiday plans for others. You could also miss an important function, which could be the reason you were travelling in the first place. Sometimes it gets to a point where you need the services of lawyers to help you claim for compensation.

Most airlines will try their best to minimise their liability for inconveniences you might encounter due to a flight delay. If you feel that your case with an airline is valid, never take no for an answer. Below are some of the rights you might not know about when you encounter a delayed flight.

Delay or Cancellation

You are never guaranteed by airlines about their timetables. They have the right to change or substitute aircraft and the stopping places indicated on the ticket. If you do not make a connecting flight due to this, they won’t take any responsibility. However, if you are kept from travelling due to unforeseen incidents, some airlines might offer you a credit for future travel.


Expenses like accommodation, meals, transport and phone calls following a delayed flight are the responsibility of the Australian airline. However, make sure you seek any needed help. If a delay causes you to go out of pocket, ensure you keep all the receipts as they may come in handy if you decide to hire a compensation lawyer. You are entitled to a reimbursement, although such claims are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Most Australian airlines will compensate you with refreshments or meal vouchers as you wait at the airport. Some will even go an extra mile to help you find an overnight accommodation at an affordable rate and later compensate for the costs. A good compensation lawyer can help you claim for compensation from the airline if you have enough proof. You can learn more about holiday and travel law in Australia here.


This is a common practice in many countries. You might have your pass and check in at the right time only to find out that your flight has been overbooked. Whether you are flying regional or international, passengers are usually asked to volunteer to change their flights. If this change affects you, the inconvenience warrants compensation.

There exists a compensation rate in Australia, though some countries deny compensation on an international flight. Check with the airline to ensure the country you are flying to/from has compensation policies.


If you realise that your baggage has gone missing or damaged on an international flight, you are required to make a written claim. However, you have a very short time to make this claim. Report to the airline and if the baggage doesn’t turn up soon, deliver the written letter.

This should be done within seven days. You get only three days to report lost or damaged baggage and a maximum of 21 days if you lose everything. Missing the deadline means losing your right to claim. A compensation lawyer can help you with the whole process.

If you are carrying baggage that is worth more than what the airline can compensate you, let them know once you check in. You might be offered additional insurance at an extra fee by the airline. It is advisable to have travel insurance to cover your baggage.


With most airlines, they reserve the right to allocate you a seat or change your previously allocated one. In such a situation, you are expected to accept any seat you are allocated, which could even be a downgrade. At times, you may be asked to wait for the next available flight that has an available seat in the class service you had paid for.

If you end up with a downgraded seating, it is only right to get a partial refund to cover the difference between the class you had booked and the seat you were offered.

Having a travel insurance plan is the best thing as you will be assured of compensation if things go wrong. Check with your insurer to know what is covered and what is not.

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