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5 Outdoor Activities in Brisbane that Double as Workouts

5 Outdoor Activities in Brisbane that Double as Workouts

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Where to Go Wakeboarding: Best Wakeboarding Lakes & Cable Wakeboarding Locations

Where to Go Wakeboarding: Best Wakeboarding Lakes & Cable Wakeboarding Locations

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How I Plan My Private Boat Party in Melbourne

How I Plan My Private Boat Party in Melbourne

Are you interested in reading some traveling stories and interesting things to do in Australia? Read on!

In Today’s episode, we are introducing a story from Alicia Hill is a writer and traveler who has worked in the travel industry for the three four years. She’s here with us to share her story of how she planned her boat party in Melbourne.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 5th anniversary, and as a surprise, I arranged a private boat party in Melbourne with all our family and friends. It took a lot of planning, but I pulled off the surprise. My husband’s look of astonishment was worth the hard work that went into planning the party. Everyone had a great time, and I would highly recommend the experience. If you are looking to plan a party with boat rides in Melbourne, here is the guide to how I pulled off the private boat party for our anniversary.

Figure out the Guest List and the Venue

When I plan a party, the first thing I do is determine the guest list. Knowing how many people are coming is one of the most important pieces of information you need to properly plan a party. Knowing the number of guests is especially important when your party includes boat rides in Melbourne. Knowing how many people are coming will allow you to select the right size boat.

In my case, the 60 guests we planned on just happened to be the maximum capacity of the party boat we booked with Oriental Queen Cruises. This private boat charter in Melbourne party boat for hire in Melbourne turned out to be the amazing Oriental Queen party boat. The Teak wood of this traditional Chinese junk boat made for a lovely setting that created a remarkable atmosphere for our anniversary party.

Select the Entertainment

Once I have figured out the number of people and the venue for my party, the next thing I focus my efforts on is the entertainment. There is nothing that will raise a party to greater heights than topnotch entertainment. Conversely, there is nothing that will ruin a party faster than bad entertainment. Having no entertainment is also unacceptable.

To make sure our anniversary entertainment was good for my husband, I almost hired some strippers for him. Just kidding. I actually went with a band. I think live music is the perfect form of entertainment for any party. It was especially amazing on the deck of the fabulous Oriental Queen Cruises party boat I booked. Just make sure that you audition the band live instead of listening to recordings. It is good to get a feel for the band in person.

Send out the Invitations

While I feel that digital invitations are fine for most occasions, I think it is still important to send out invitations in the mail for important events. I certainly thought our 5th wedding anniversary counted as an important occasion. I just had to make sure to emphasize on the invitations that the party was supposed to be a surprise to avoid anyone inadvertently letting word of the fiesta slip to my husband.

While everyone I invited decided to come, it is important to send out invitations for parties so that you know the exact size of the guest list. This crucial information will allow you to avoid wasting money buying food and beverages for people who aren’t going to be at the party.

Food and Drink

Once everyone has RSVP’d to the party, the next step is taking care of the food and drink. The final thing I did for the 5th-anniversary private boat party in Melbourne was to hire a chef to cater the affair. Oriental Queen Cruises said they were happy to take care of the food and drink. I went ahead and let them take care of the beverages, but I had the chef from our favorite restaurant put together a tasting meal that everyone at the party absolutely loved.

Putting together a big party takes some hard work, but it is well worth the effort. Everyone had an amazing time, and I don’t know if my husband can still quite believe that I was able to pull off such a big party without him being any the wiser. If you are looking for a fabulous party, consider boat rides in Melbourne. We had a blast on the Oriental Queen. It is nice to know that on the boat you can cut loose and have as much fun as you want without anyone complaining.