New South Wales

Backpacking in Sydney

Sydney is a great holiday destination with lots of things to see and do. Backpacking adventures are enjoyable when you know the best attractions to tour. With a rich historical background tat traces back to the Aborigins and the British, Sydney is a top tourist destination. For a smart travel experience, consider including the following places in your itinerary:


1. Taronga Zoo


The Taronga Zoo promises an unforgettable tour as a home to more than 340 different animal species. It’s conveniently located across the Harbour Bridge, which provides a spectacular view of Sydney. There are great shows for families involving animals such as elephant soccer and seal dancing.


2. Pancakes On the Rocks


This award-winning restaurant offers pancakes the size of a face! Head down to this delightful establishment for a ‘Devil’s Delight’, ‘Short Stack’ or the ‘Strawberry Patch’. Their maple syrup is impressive. The restaurant’s menu also includes ribs, salads, and pizzas.


3. The Bondi Beach


For a complete Sydney trip, you must head down to the Bondi Beach. This sandy paradise attracts thousands of tourists ever year. There are other great beaches for those who don’t mind venturing to the outskirts of the city. Some of these stunning beaches include Palm Beach, Newport and Mona Vale.


4. Max Brenners


For chocoholics, not passing by Max Brenners is the ultimate sin. Located on George Street, this chocolate bar is an award-winner due to their out-of-this-world creations. Their menu consists of mouthwatering items such as the Belgian waffles coated with chocolate, chocolate pizzas, and the popular hot chocolate ‘Hug Mug’.


5. Take a Ferry


Ferry rides in Sydney are thrilling because they enable you to enjoy the best views of the city. Some of the landmarks that you’ll be able to see include Opera House and Harbour Bridge. You can even organize a cruise all the way to the serene Manly Beach.


6. Eat Sushi!


Sushi and sashimi are in plenty in this city. Thanks to the superb Japanese restaurants in the area expect fresh dishes prepared from hand-selected ingredients. A popular menu item worth a try is ‘The Sushi Train’.


7. Darling Quarter 


Make a stop at this attraction located at the heart of the city’s CBD. There is a large playground for the kids and an assortment of taverns and bars for adults. The retail selection is where backpackers get food and drinks.


8. Coogee Bay Hotel


Located opposite the Coogee beach, this luxurious hotel is the best destination for drinking and partying. Hang out 24 hours a day with fellow backpackers and tourists who are on similar mission as yours; having fun.


9. Museums and Galleries


Learn more about the Aussie heritage at the numerous museums and galleries. Check out the Martins Place and the Australian National Maritime Museum. For more lessons on culture, tour the NSW Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Arts.


10. Royal Botanic Gardens


Located short distance from the Opera House, the gardens display natural beauty at its finest. It’s an excellent site for escaping the bustle of the city, little wonder as to why it attracts millions of tourists every year. Entry is often free when no special events are being hosted at the gardens.