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Do You Need a Visa for Australia?
Any foreign national, except a citizen of New Zealand, will need a visa in order to enter Australia. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you would need to stand in line for hours at an Australian consulate just to get a visa that allows you to travel to the country. Citizens of numerous countries are allowed to enter Australia for a short period of time as visitors under the rules of Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and eVisitor programs. A migration agent will have up-to-date information as to whether you can benefit from these programs to visit Australia. Having updated information is important, as just like with any other country, Australian visa rules and regulations are subject to change at any moment.
Both an ETA and eVisitor visa can be applied for and issued online, or in some cases through travel agents, migration consultants or airlines. As of today, the following countries are eligible for an eVisitor visa: European Union/EFTA countries, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City. ETAs are necessary for citizens of Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the United States. ETAs and eVisitor visas are usually approved immediately without any additional verifications necessary, although in some cases an immigration officer may need to manually approve an application, which may take a few days. There is no need for a physical visa to be pasted into the passport, as the whole process is electronic.
Citizens of countries not eligible for the eVisitor visa and the ETA may be eligible to apply for a visa online. Currently, citizens of Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Maldives, Micronesia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Nauru, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine can apply for an eVisa. Citizens of other countries should consult with a migration agent for information on how to get an Australian visa. This may involve a visit to an Australian consular office, or an Australian Visa Application Center.
Those wishing to stay in Australia for tourism or business purposes and stay longer than 3 months will be required to apply for an Australian long stay tourist visa. Citizens of some countries can apply online, while others will be required to apply on a paper form. A migration agent can provide more information on the process for obtaining a long stay visa.
Of course, migration consultants are also able to help those who want to stay in Australia longer, and even study or work there. For those below the age of 30 and citizens of Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea or some European countries, it is possible to obtain an Australian Working Holiday Visa. This allows the visitor to visit Australia for up to 12 months, while working for 6 months per employer or undertaking studies or straining for up to 4 months.
People who are interested in opening up a new business, buying an existing one, or investing in Australia’s economy may be eligible to obtain a residence visa, which can then be turned into permanent residence and eventually lead to Australian citizenship for those who want it. Migration consultants is able to help foreign investors and businesspeople who are interested in coming to Australia.