Training and courses


While Australia is the biggest island in the world, it is also the smallest continent in the world. Australia experiences diverse weather changes and experiences different climates at the same time in different locations. Home to the Kangaroo and the Koala bear it is certainly one of the best tourist destinations in the world.
Backpacker around the world traveling enchanted waters through harsh weather in search of an adventure are sure to end up in the deserts or multi-colored plateaus of Australia. Being economically well, we can say this trip would not be that cheap, so what a poor backpacker would do when his more runs out.
No worries as long as the backpacker had signed up for a working holiday visa there are many employment opportunities he/she can get during his/her visit.



It is a requirement for backpacker or tourist who wants casual employment to register for some online courses depending on the work they want to do. There are various online courses that are available for those who seek casual employment.


Responsible Gambling Services (RGS) – this is a course that can be taken online or in a classroom to allow the backpacker or tourist to get a job in a hotel, casino or any business venture that has licensed gambling. This license is required by the security officer, staff and approved manager who work in a gambling facility.


Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) –this is an online course that can also be taken in a classroom for job seekers who want to work in a food and service industry. It applies to the following job titles;
• Wine steward
• Bar attendant
• Food and beverage attendant
• Bottle shop attendant
• Bar and restaurant host
• Glass collector
• Room service staff


White card or Green card training – For the tourists who would like to work in a laboring and construction work they would have to apply for this. The training happens online or in a classroom, and an examination would be issued to issue the tourist with the work permit.


Barista training – For the backpackers and tourists who would like to work in café to serve coffee and different coffee variations this would be the training for you. Though it does not require legal documentation, online courses or permits you can attend the class to gain experience.


Working with children – Backpackers who feel they can work well with children can earn extra money by going to a daycare center or a school and apply for work there. No legal permit is required, but training would require the blue card, and this would be a fun way of earning money.


Road sign and traffic operator – For the backpacker who would not mind standing all day flipping ago stop sign for road users this would be the perfect job for you. Some procedures will have to be followed, and then special permissions and uniform will be issued.


Workplace hygiene procedures – for the backpacker who would not mind working in the food industry this would be the perfect job for you. A special permit will be needed, and some training will be required online and classroom sessions.


Mining – For the backpacker with a lot of energy can go into mining and this requires a special blue card permit.


Seasonal work – The tourist who can do guided tours, ski resort operations, and ski training and also a diving assistant and lifeguard duties will have to seek a permit, and some examination or tests will have to be performed before he/she is allowed to work.